Hmong New Movie 2011-2012 "NTXAWM O TXIA" *Coming Soon 2012.

Ntxawm O Txia is a Hmong love story that was told from Hmong generation to generation. Ntxawm O Txia is a story about a heavenly princess who is trying to find her true love. Ntxawm is a "Ntxhais Qaum Ntuj". Ntxawm is a beautiful heavenly princess but because of her "Txia", nobody from the heaven wants to marry her. So she is set on a journey to earth to find a human husband that will truly love her despite her "Txia". 

NTpNT presents NTXAWM O TXIA. 
Starring Meej Thoj, Maiv Nyiaj Xyooj, Ntxhua Thoj, & EEb Meeb.

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